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5 New Dropbox for iOS Productivity Features

More than 500 million users — 8 million of which are business folks — turn to Dropbox daily for their 1.2 backed up files. In fact, 97 percent of Fortune 500 companies rely on the service. And as IT admins and other business professionals go mobile, it behoves them to augment their mobile features. The company recently added five new abilities to its iOS platform.

“We know workplaces increasingly have a set of heterogeneous tools, not just at a platform level like a bunch of people using Mac and Windows,” said Matt Pan, group product manager for the Dropbox File Collaboration Product Group. “A lot of people have very mixed environments where some people use Office, whether you’re Adobe users or the long tail. Dropbox making all those things tied together in a really simple way has been very much the key to success in the workplace.”

Here’s what’s new:

1. PDF Signing
You can now add your signature to PDF documents from within Dropbox. No more downloading, printing, scanning, etc.

2. Sharing via iMessage
You don’t need to leave the chat program to share Dropbox files with a colleague. Simply drop them directly into iMessage.

3. Create and view files without unlocking
From within iOS 10, you can add a Dropbox widget to your lock screen. The wisdom of this move I leave up to you. But it will allow you to create, view, upload files and scan receipts into your Dropbox account without unlocking anything.

4. Get notifications
Dropbox will now notify you as soon as someone saves a new version of the file you’re working in. Tap and the file will reload.

5. Split screen support
In the coming weeks, Dropbox says it will be adding split-screen support that will let you work within Dropbox and other apps on your iPad simultaneously. For now, the new apps supports picture-in-picture, which lets you watch a Dropbox-stored video while working in another program.

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