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Virtual Instruments Releases VirtualWisdom 4.3 To Monitor Virtually Everything

IT infrastructure has always been complicated, but with today’s virtual environments, straddling the worlds of cloud and local systems, things are even more intricate. Monitoring and keeping all of the parts moving is the job of analytics tools. VirtualWisdom4.3 by Virtual Instruments offers several updates to provide more detailed monitoring over even more systems.

“IT infrastructure isn’t just expanding in size. It’s growing in complexity, and we’re seeing an increasing desire among enterprise executives to manage and define challenging IT strategies on their own terms,” said Simon Robinson, research vice president at 451 Research.

Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) is the monitoring of all the underlying parts of a business’ applications and infrastructures. VirtualWisdom4.3 is a platform-neutral IPM solution that works across physical, virtual and cloud computing environments using a suite of probes that monitor different parts of the enterprise architecture. In addition to virtual server probes, VirtualWisdom employs agentless probes to monitor network switches and NAS storage. By correlating and analyzing data from across an entire infrastructure, VirtualWisdom4.3 allows for proactive problem identification and optimization before performance degrades to where users complain.

New in the 4.3 version are new software probes that support Microsoft Hyper-V and IBM PowerVM, in addition to existing VMware probes. All of these incorporate into ProbeVM for PowerVM, which offers deeper insight into the virtualization stack, allowing for proper placement and sizing of workloads.

The new VM Coordinator analytic aggregates historical VM resource usage data. This data can be analyzed for trends and long-term usage statistics to eliminate the over-provisioning and continual rebalancing.

The latest version also expands storage protocol support, including additional hardware probes for NAS and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) storage.

In addition to the new features, the 4.3 update now offers a cloud computing delivery model that integrates with on-premises VirtualWisdom deployments. Analytics pushed to the cloud provide increased flexibility for expanding enterprise requirements while minimizing increased costs.

VirtualWisdom4.3 is now available. The NAS and FCoE hardware probes are scheduled for release later this year.

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